Saturday, September 22, 2012

Trend Alert: Colored Skinny Jeans

       A popular trend this season is colored skinny jeans, which means that EVERY store has about a rainbow of colors in jeans! Here, I talk about what to colors of denim you should and shouldn't wear.

  •   Great colors in skinny jeans are light pink, gray, white, fuchsia, or any light more subdue colors. Hollister and abercrombie kids both have a rainbow of colors to choose from. Gap and Old Navy also have some cute jeans. For red skinny jeans, only wear if you wish to make a bold statement. Another note is to always wear these jeans with a lighter-colored coordinating top.
  •    Colors you should avoid in colored skinny jeans are any really bright neon colors, or anything that doesn't match the rest of your outfit. Neon can be over-whelming, and should only be used in accesories.
          Please remember that colored skinny jeans are only a trend ans will soon be out of style. Thanks for reading!      

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