Thursday, April 11, 2013

Style Quiz ♥

     What is your style? Are you preppy, trendy, girly, or casual? Take this quiz to find out!

     1. At the spring dance you will probably be found wearing...
          a. a cute sundress from Target. Nothing too fancy or uncomfortable
          b. a mint green dress with a peter-pan collar
          c. an adorable dress from Ralph Lauren paired with a blazer
          d. your white lace dress and some cute ballet flats

     2. When you head to the mall what is the first store you hit?
          a. Aeropostle
          b. Forever 21
          c. Ralph Lauren or Ann Taylor
          d. Juicy Couture

     3. What is your two favorite colors?
          a. Light blue or black
          b. It changes with every season!
          c. Navy blue and white
          d. Pink

     4. On the weekends you'll probably be...
          a. in your room browsing the web
          b. reading fashion magazines
          c. golfing or having lunch with friends
          d. having a sleepover with your best friends

     5. Your normal outfit to school is...
          a. a tracksuit or jeans with an oversize sweater
          b. a high-low skirt with a crop top
          c. jeans and a blazer or a polo shirt
          d. a lace top with a pink skirt
    Now count up how many of each letter you answered...
     If you got mostly A's you are casual. You'll probably be seen wearing sweatpants and cute oversized sweaters, and occasionally a sundress. You have a great sense of style!

     If you got mostly B's, then you are trendy! Everyday you flaunt a new trend down the halls whether it's peter-pan collars or your new mint green blouse.

     If you got mostly C's then you are preppy, like me! Your closet is filled with blazers, polo shirts, nice blouses, and pencil skirts. Not to mention your golfing gear!

     If you got mostly D's then you are girly. Most of the time you wear skirts, lace, pink, and ruffles. Sound like you?

     Hope you had fun taking this little quiz! Though don't let these results change your unique style. Always be yourself!
     xoxo, Isabella's Wardrobe ♥♥♥

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